Val Verde County Community Center

Mission Statement

The Val Verde County Community Center is a Non-Profit Organization, which primary purpose is to provide services to all residents of Val Verde County. Since the Community Center first opened, the services provided have greatly grown in numbers. Our goal is to provide an extensive selection of services to better the lives of the residents of Val Verde County, free of charge

Food Bank Program

Among the many services that the Community Center provides, one of the programs that has proven a great success is the "Food Distribution Program", the program consists of a monthly commodity food bag distribution for residents 60 yrs. of age and older, along with a Food Donations Program that is available to county residents  regardless of age. The Food Donations Program distributes a number of different types of food from fresh produce, canned goods, bread etc...  With the assistance of the South Texas Food Bank located in Laredo, TX. , the Val Verde County Community Center has had an increase of  600 plus commodities provide for needy families.

Home-bound Program

The Home-bound Program is a program made possible through the efforts of Commissioner Flores, as it is NOT mandated by the South Texas Food Bank. The program was started to help the residents of Val Verde County even further.  With the assistance of  the Foreman of Precinct 3, this program allows the staff to deliver food bags to elderly residents that do not have the means of transportation or may be too ill to present themselves at the community center for their monthly commodities.


Social Security Assistance (Limited Services)

The Val Verde County Community Center is pleased to announce a face to face video conference service provided by the Social Security Administration thru the means of self-help personal computer technology. The Community Center continues to serve as the local portal for some Social Security Services since 2013. Services are available at the center Monday thru Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M..

Anyone 18 years of age or older, may sign up for a "my Social Security account" and use online services by going to To learn more about the services offered using Social Security’s self-help computer technology, click the link below entitled “Social Security Express”.

Social Security Express


Other Services

Programs that assist the community of Val Verde County
  • Food Bank Elderly Program
  • Home Bound Program
  • Social Security Disability Program (Psychological, Kerville, Tx)
  • Social Security Administration (Laredo, Tx)
  • Legal Aid
  • Lonestar (SNAP),Medicaid, CHIP (Eagle Pass, Tx)
  • Nutrition Class, Val Verde County Texas A&M Agrilife
  • Quad County Council 
  • Ventanilla de Salud del Consulado de Mexico 
  • Computer Lab (Free internet access to the public)
  • Veterans' Computer to access VA's Services
  • Texas A&M Colonias Program (training)
  • Food Bank Freebees
  • Community Council of South Central Texas (assistance on utility bills)
  • Free Dental (twice a year)
  • Health Fair
  • Walk-In-The-Park
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