Justice of the Peace PCT 4

Our goals are:
  • Continue attending Training or Schools to stay up with laws updates
  • Continue to improve customer service to the Public
  • Continue to serve the general public diligently and to the best of our ability
  • Handle every case in a fairly, justly and timely manner
  • Improve the condition of the office and filing system
  • Strive to operate the office professionally, effectively and efficiently
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Use technology as a process for accomplishing our caseload or workload and for accomplishing our goals
Cases handled by Justice Court are criminal and civil.

  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Failure to Attend School (Truancy)
  • Minor in Possession, and other offenses against Juveniles
  • Parent contributing to Non-Attendance
  • School Cases
  • Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, etc.
  • Texas Highway Patrol, Constable
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Cases
  • Traffic Citations (tickets) issued by the Val Verde Sheriff’s Department
  • Debt Claims
  • Evictions Cases
  • Repair and Remedy Cases
  • Small Claims
Administrative Duties
  • Driver License Suspensions
  • Inquests
  • Occupational Driver License Request/Hearing
I do not perform marriage ceremonies.