Fairgrounds & Parks


The following are some of the duties that pertain to Mr. Perez

Keep up with the annual budget. Completion of ongoing projects and planning for future projects to better the quality and efficiency of the department.

Complete operation of the Fairgrounds (75 acres). by enforcing all rules for the safety and well being of all animals, renters and visitors. Keep track of monthly rent and yearly equine test (coggins) that is required by the state

Maintain over 20 county buildings throughout Val Verde County. Which include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, complete remodeling, HVAC, welding, concrete work, etc. Also maintain 60 acres of playing fields next to Wal-Mart and Alcoa fields (27 acres) to provide the best possible service to the community.

This is a department made up of (13) team members who all are equally important because with out them all our work load would not be possible to keep up with.

Future Vision

My goal is to become a department of integrity, and provide quality work. I would like the Fairgrounds to be used for more events throughout the year by promoting, upgrading and repairing existing arenas, track and stalls to provide a better service to the citizens. Continue to follow the maintenance program that I have put in place with all machinery/vehicles and tools. Continue to keep up with all the work orders that come into our department with efficiency and professionalism.  Provide any required training to my employees and myself, so we can be safe and efficient while performing our job duties.