Community Supervision and Corrections Department

The Community Supervision and Corrections Departments operates under the Director Reginaldo Rangel along with the support of the Val Verde County Board of Judges: 

Honorable Enrique Fernandez, 63rd Judicial District 
Honorable Robert E Cadena, 83rd Judicial District
Honorable Sergio J Gonzalez, County Court at Law 

Mission Statement

The Judiciary of the 63rd and 83rd Judicial District Community Supervision Correction Department (Adult Probation) perceives their primary purpose is to protect the community through the provision of control.  The Community Supervision and Correction Department holds the offender accountable to the sanctions of the courts and assists them in becoming law abiding members of the community.  We strive to utilize appropriate community based sanctions for all offenders and encourage community programs which serve as early intervention for at risk individuals and diversion from the Texas Department Criminal-Justice Institutional Division (Prison).  This process can only occur with the cooperation and involvement of the courts, corrections, law enforcement, prosecution, and innumerable other community resources.

Department Mission

1. To protect society by appropriately responding to violation of supervision;
2. Everyday monitor of offenders for potential conflict and /or risk to society;
3. To enforce the orders of the court;
4. To provide effective sanctions and sentence alternatives to assist the cost of the Criminal Justice          System without jeopardizing the risk of the community; 
5. To provide and assist offenders positive changes; 
6. To maintain positive relationship with other law enforcement agencies and social services agencies in the community. 

What is community Supervision? 

Community supervision is better known in our community as Probation. Community Supervision is an alternative to a jail or penitentiary direct sentence. It is also the supervise release of a defendant in lieu of incarceration. Community Supervision provides an opportunity for the defendant’s to make positive changes in many parts of their life. It can help their education and employment status, physical and mental health, or any abuse of alcohol / drugs. 

Becoming a Community Supervision Officer (Probation Officer)
To be eligible for employment as a community supervision officer a person must:

1. Must have a bachelor’s degree conferred by an institution of higher education accredited by an accrediting organization recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: and 
2. Unless the degree is in criminal justice, pre-law corrections, sociology, psychology, social work, or  police science, the person must have:
A. One year of graduate study in one of those fields or 
B. one year of experience on full time casework, counseling, or community or group work or 
C. other education or experience documented by a letter in the employees personnel file which indicates that they were the most qualified applicant at the time of the hiring. Such letter shall be signed by the CSCD Director. 
3. Cannot be employed as a peace officer
4. Cannot be on any type or kind of supervision (parole and or probation) 
5. Once the above criteria are meet Officers must complete certification before the first year anniversary of employment.  Certification consist of intensive training for one week. The course is provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice – Community Justice Assistance Division.

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