Circulation Policies

Library Card Policy

  • Val Verde County residents, 18 years of age or older, must show a valid Texas Driver's License, a Texas ID, Military ID from Laughlin Air Force Base, or a utility bill (light, water, gas) or rent receipt showing a Val Verde County address (physical and/or PO Box) along with a photo ID to receive a Resident VVCL card. A first time applicant is able to receive their card free; a replacement is $1.00.
  • Children of Val Verde County residents, 3 years of age or older, must have a parent or guardian apply and sign for a Resident Child VVCL card; a parent or guardian must apply and sign for the card and assume responsibility for all library materials borrowed by the child.
  • Non-resident applicants are able to receive a library card at a $5.00 charge to help ensure proper library usage. Any non-resident applicant must provide a current driver's license, or a state ID. If a non-resident applicant is staying in Val Verde County for a short period of time (Winter Texan, etc.), the applicant must provide the address they are currently staying at, and their out of county address.
  • Patrons must present their cards at the circulation desk for the most efficient service. A patron is able to use a proper form of government identification to access their account as an alternative, but a note will be made on the account of the patron. Staff will advise each time that a replacement card is only $1.00. 
  • Patrons may not use any other library cards other than their own. The only exception is a patron may use their child’s library card so long as the child’s card is under the adult patron’s name. Patrons may not use their spouse’s library card.
  • All Library cards will expire one year from the date of creation; cardholder identification information will be updated upon renewal; cards not renewed at the end of three years will be deactivated.


  • Adults (18+) - 12 library materials which includes 5 DVD's
  • Young Adults (6th-12th Grade) - 8 library materials which includes 5 DVD's
  • Children (3 years - 5th grade) - 5 library materials which includes 5 DVD's
  • Print materials due in 3 weeks
  • Audio books due in 3 weeks
  • DVDs due in 7 days


  • Reserves may be placed on individual Library materials (including items known to be on order for the Library) in person, by phone, or online; reserved items will only be held for 4 days following notification by phone, e-mail, or text.
  • Items may be renewed by phone, online, or in person up to 2 times. Renewals after that require the patron to bring in the item for review by staff.
  • Items cannot be renewed if the item is on request by another patron. 
  • No check-out renewals or reserves are allowed on any cards for Library patrons who carry fines in excess of $1.00 on their accounts including their children’s cards.


Library resources are for everyone, which means library users have a responsibility to return library materials on time and in good condition. The fine and fee policy is not in place to penalize our patrons. It is designed to encourage patrons to return library materials on time so that these valuable resources are available to others, who have an equal right to use them. The Library is willing to work with patrons with fines of $20.00 or more so long as an attempt at paying the fine is continuously made. This includes allowing patrons to checkout 1-2 items and/or using the internet. Fine enforcement of fines older than 2 years is left up to the Circulation Supervisor’s discretion (e.g. past large fines, continuous loss of items, etc.) Patrons who wish to dispute their fines may speak with the County Librarian.

  • The Library offers a two-day grace period for patrons to return items effective the date the item is due. 
  • Once an item has surpassed the grace period, a fine of $.10 cents per day is applied per each item overdue. $5.00 is the maximum amount a fine may reach, this is per item.
  • A patron may still check out items with a fine of $1.00 or less. Any fines over that amount, a patron must pay down the fine to $1.00 to continue checking items out.
  • A patron may still use the computers with an overdue fine of $1.00 or less. For any other fine, $10.00 or less still allows access. Any fines above either respective amount, a patron must pay down the fine to the minimum allowance to continue using the computers.

The Library only accepts cash. 

Claims Returned

  • The Library provides a form for items that a patron has claimed to have returned.
  • Both the Library and patron will agree to look for the item. An effort will be made by the library to search for the book inside the library for up to 30 days. Once the 30-day period has expired without finding the item, the patron must pay the fee of the lost item.

Lost/Damaged Items: 

  • Patrons are responsible for all items they check out as signed upon when receiving a library card.
  • Any items returned that display damage beyond use, which are, but not limited to, excessive pen/pencil marks, multiple torn pages, liquid damage, or damaged covers/pages will be paid for in full by the patron. It is at the discretion of the Librarian and/or Technical Services Department of the Library to charge fines for damaged items.  
  • For items that are not damaged beyond use, the Library does charge repair fees. The Library charges for: removed barcodes, damage to book jacket, damaged DVD covers, and any removed spine labels. 
  • At the will of the patron, a patron may replace a damaged/lost item themselves so long as the item the patron purchases is in the same or better condition than the item the patron damaged/lost. This can be, at times, cheaper than paying for the item damaged/lost.
  • It is the responsibility of the Library staff to review items as they are returned and mark any items as damaged before they are checked out.

Collection Development Policy