How does a government agency get copies of criminal records?
A government agency may obtain the most efficient service by faxing a request on the agency’s official letterhead to (830) 774-7643. If not already displayed on your letterhead, please include a return mailing address and contact person to address returned service. Also, please let us know if your needs require a mailed certified copy or whether a faxed copy is sufficient. You may also obtain this information by writing on your official letterhead to Val Verde County District Clerk, Attn: Criminal Department, P.O. Box 1544, Del Rio, Texas 78841. In fulfilling all requests, please include the defendant’s name(s), case (cause) number(s) and item(s) you want returned. (e.g. case(cause) #1234567 - Certified Copy of Judgment and Sentence).

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6. How does a government agency get copies of criminal records?